My name is Heather and I am a 30 something mom, wife, blogger, lover of themed parties, coffee, and all thing beautiful.  I am living my luxe life!

Luxury by definition means “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.”  Everyone has their own version of luxury and living a luxe lifestyle.  I have spent a great deal of my life wishing I had someone else’s hair, someone else’s car, someone else’s purse or shoes.  I used to think that having nice expensive things was what mattered. I dreamed of living a luxe life.

I am happy with myself and who I am becoming every day.  I don’t look in the mirror and wish I were someone else.  I am happy to see me staring back.  Some young girls and woman wish they had a different hair color, eye color, wish their waist were smaller and their breasts bigger.  I used to be one of these woman.  It has taken me a very long time to be happy with my physical appearance and some never get there.  To find peace and comfort within myself and love the woman I am is an incredible luxury.

At 26 years old I found myself to be a single mom.  For a very long time I felt sorry for myself and my situation.  I looked at all I was missing and all I had envisioned for my life.  None of it had come true.  Once I started to change my thinking my vision for my life changed. I have the most incredible little boy who I love more than anything and at times it is a struggle but being Gavin’s momma is my greatest luxury.

When I started to think about my life and where I have been, where I am now and where I see my future I started to rethink all the luxuries I wanted, the ones I missed out on, and the ones I wanted in my future.  It was in that moment that the word luxury started to take on a different meaning to me and gave me a different vision for my life and the life for my son.  I now find luxuries to be moments spent with family and friends, the loving moments spent in my hubby’s arms and in the things I create when I allow myself the luxury of alone time.  Once the meaning of the word changed in my mind I started to find luxuries in even the smallest things. In these moments I realized that I am living a luxe life and Mommy’s Luxe Life was born.

Mommy’s Luxe Life is about all of the things I find to be luxuries from the phone calls with my mom and sisters about everyday life, face timing with my brother and sister-in-law, the great new book I will make time to read, the amazing new wine I find while spending a weekend away with my hubby, the DIY’s I create, the incredible meals I make, the lessons I learn about being a mom, a friend, and a woman.  All the moments that make up Mommy’s Luxe Life.  I have learned that it’s the moments that make a luxe life.

Welcome to Mommy’s Luxe Life!


Heather Flores

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