My name is Heather and I am a mom and wife. I believe wine and popcorn are food groups. I’m a lover of themed parties, coffee, and all things beautiful.

Comparing who we are and our journey in life to other moms, wives and women can be the downfall to our sanity and our happiness. For years I have watched friends and co-workers have babies and grow their family while after trying for 11 months and finally getting pregnant we lost our baby at 9 weeks. I became consumed in comparing myself to others during this time and spent the next 9 months tail spinning into anxiety. I never properly dealt with our fertility issues or the loss of our baby. Instead I became so focused on everyone around me and lost sight of myself.

Sometimes when life happens we forget to smile at the sunsets or fall in love with the changing seasons. We emotionally eat too many times to count and cry in the shower for days in a row. We skip events because we can’t muster the energy to socialize and we lose touch with our families, our friends and ourselves. When we lose the balance we lose ourselves.

This blog has been transitioned a few times over never really knowing what I wanted this space to be. Now in my time of healing, I find peace in writing and sharing my journey. Knowing that we aren’t alone can be one of the most comforting and healing parts of life. The simple things around us can offer the most happiness.

Mommy’s Luxe Life is about redefining myself and who I am in this world. It is about finding the luxuries in the simple parts of life because sometimes life gets complicated and messy. The simple things in life are the greatest luxuries and make life worth living.

Welcome to Mommy’s Luxe Life!


Heather Flores

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